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To enjoy a treatment at our award-winning Spa, as per our health and safety protocols, we require a valid Vaccine Pass.
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Lotus Spa Water


A brief history

Lotus Spa Water began in 1939, when the current well was driven releasing our pure artesian water. Originally supplying water to the first homestead on the property which was built in 1939, the water was also used for the grounds and water wheel. The artesian well flows freely with a head of approximately 1.5 m above the ground unpumped and has never altered its flow since the Laing’s brought the property in 1987. The old ram pump still exists close to the well head that was used to pump water up to the old residence and various storage tanks

In 2010, Duncan Laing began supplying water to the community, which during the 2010 (and subsequent earthquakes) was an essential water supply for the community. With the chlorination of the public water supply in Christchurch in 2018, the community use increased significantly, which resulted in the upgrading of the water system in July 2018 to include a new well head and cover, water pump and water filters to enable the UV System to operate. The water is released from the ground at 13.5°C, and undergoes regular testing for E.coli and full water tests. We are now registered in the National Programme for food safety – Level 3 and have recently been audited by IANZ. View the IANZ Verification Report 5 Feb 2020. We regularly maintain the water operating system, view the latest Certificate of Compliance 2022

We have been classified as an essential service for humans and animals.


Opening hours and fully automated operations:

▪️ Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
▪️ Saturday 9.30am – 4.30pm
▪️ Sunday 9.30am – 4.30pm

PayWave and self-service only. Closed statutory holidays.


Individual Pricing:

This is a self-fill operation, aiding in the reduction of plastic in our community.

Pricing per one vend:

0.5 – 3 Litres $1.20 (minimum purchase)
3.1 – 100 Litres $0.40 per litre
101 – 228 Litres $0.35 per litre
228 Litres and over to be arranged

Price includes GST. Minimum charge $1.20. Maximum 228 Litres per transaction. Please feel free to use our carpark when collecting your water. We also offer bulk water pricing for events and commercial use. Please contact Duncan Laing on 021 320 400 for more information about bulk water supply.

Note: Please note, your containers can be a source of contamination, please boil water if in doubt.  In the event of a negative report coming through from Hills Laboratory, we will shut the well down until we have clearance to re-open and would keep you informed.


FOR SALE: Glass Bottles and 200 litre Water Tanks

We now sell 1 litre bottles for $2.99 and 4 litre bottles for $15.00.

We have also recently added two new 200 litre tanks for your household use. Either an emergency drinking water tank, or rainwater collection tank. Click here learn more.