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30 min bath, 90 minutes Traditional Thai Steam and Stretching Therapy, 30 minute Thai Head Massage


Soak for 30-minutes in an ELEMIS oil infused spa bath, choose between the ELEMIS Aching Muscle Soak or ELEMIS Nourishing Milk Bath. Then enjoy our specialist 90 minute Thai Steam and Stretching massage which incorporates traditional Thai massage with stretching techniques helping you restore the flexibility of body muscles and various joints as well as improving blood circulation and relieving muscle soreness and body stress.


Our experienced Thai massage therapists use herbal steam with Citronella grass, Borneo camphor, Pandan and Eucalyptus leaves and use their hands, elbows, forearms, knees, and feet to help with movement to relieve muscle tension, loosen joints, stimulate blood circulation, and ultimately relax your mind and body.


Complete your Luxury Herbal Warmth pampering with a 30-minute Thai Head Massage for total relaxation.

Luxury Herbal Warmth

GST Included
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