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BIOTEC Facials
Facial Consultation
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The latest innovation in skincare is here… ELEMIS BIOTEC combines technology, touch & professional actives to deliver the next generation of facials.

What is it?

The pioneering innovation of the BIOTEC machine works to switch the skin back on, increasing its natural cellular energy. Technology turbo-charges touch. The clinically proven result? Thriving, visibly healthy and energised skin.

Discover results with one of our eight 90-minute BIOTEC facials to suit your unique skin concerns. Choose from:


5 Technologies in 1 machine

Multiple advanced technologies deliver the complete treatment solution for dynamic skincare results.

  1. MICRO CURRENT – The only aesthetic technology which can physically firm and tone the skin. Facial muscles are gently re-educated with small pulses of micro-current.
  2. ULTRASONIC – The Ultrasonic spatula delivers 27,000 vibrations per second to the skin via a quartz head. These rapid vibrations push skin impurities to the surface and has an exfoliating effect. This provided results similar to microdermabrasion but in a gentler and less aggressive way.
  3. GALVANIC – The two step process of Galvanic uses positively and negatively charged ions to push active products deeper in to the skin, making them far more effective at a deeper level. This really helps minimise the effects of stress and tiredness on the skin.
  4. OXYGEN INFUSION – Oxygen therapy uses powerful bursts of compressed air to infuse the skin with a combination of 95% pure oxygen with selected high potent products. This will visibly plump out lines and increase firmness.
  5. LIGHT THERAPY – This technology emits energy in the form of red or blue light using LED stimulation. Red light assists cell growth and encourages increased lymphatic glow. Blue light has a calming and anti-irritant effect and is useful in killing bacteria.


There is no downtime required after the BIOTEC Facials. Skin is left looking hydrated, healthy and glowing.

Treatment 90 minutes

View our ELEMIS BIOTEC Facials

Meet Janelle Pipe
ELEMIS Skin Lab Manager and BIOTEC Specialist


A finalist in the New Zealand Beauty Therapy Awards, Janelle is an experienced qualified senior therapist who enjoys helping people find the right skincare solutions to look and feel their best, while improving the health of the skin.

“It is very rewarding for me to watch people’s confidence increase using ELEMIS skincare. I like to practise a holistic approach looking at the client as a whole rather than just the skin problem. Lifestyle, time limitation, stress, health etc. all impact on the skin, I love helping them to achieve their results.”


Janelle is trained in all aspects of the ELEMIS BIOTEC and ELEMIS Touch facials as well as ELEMIS skincare and bodycare to help you find the best solution for your skins needs.


Contact Janelle today 03 980 5400 • 021 198 9020 •

Facial Consultation