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Your recipe for radiance


Experience our ultrasonic peel technology and brightening enzymes to deep clean and remove visible pollutants, for happy, healthy skin. Hydrating technology and antioxidant-rich Superfoods will plump and smooth with a super-charged air massage to breathe life into your skin. Immediately revealing a super-healthy complexion, radiant, relaxed, and glowing.


Additional LED therapy can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce blemishes, and even reduce hyperpigmentation. Red light is designed to increase circulation and stimulate collagen, making it useful for people who are looking to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and blue light helps stop the cycle of acne breakouts by targeting bacteria.


Supercharged with ELEMIS BIOTEC 1.0: Ultrasonic, Galvanic, O2 Infusion and LED Light Mask


One person              60 minutes $ 295.00

ELEMIS Pro-Glow+ Light Therapy Facial

GST Included
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